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It's Monday June 21, 2021

Why DB Systems Is Better

Electronic Systems are all we occupationally do. It is not a sideline to Electrical Power, Washing Machines, or Odd Jobs.

Providing proper design, installation and maintenance of critical life safety Fire Alarm, Monoxide, Burglar, Cameras, Access, Network, and Audio/Video systems.

Reliable network functionality and security, usability and consistent delivery of high definition and fidelity from your audio, video, and streaming systems.

We understand the inherent logic and nuance of all of our system specialties.

Though we are very skilled in retrofit, wall fishing, and well versed in commercial and residential construction and mechanics, it's not just about the ability to run a wire or mount something competently.

We are Massachusetts licensed "Registered Systems Technicians", and a licensed Massachusetts "Systems Contractor".

These are the specific electrical licenses for technical systems such as Burglar Alarm, Security Cameras, Fire Alarm Systems etc., in Massachusetts. They are not electrical licenses for electric power like the Journeyman, and Master Electrician licenses. Thus we are free to concentrate on systems such as Fire Alarm Security, Network, and A/V systems, without being bogged down by the very complex world of electric "Power".

We are also licensed and authorized by the Massachusetts Office of Public Safety to install, service, or maintain any type or level of security system.

See our Industry Licenses page for more info.

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