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Central Station

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DB Systems Systems offers full featured state of the art 24 Hour UL Listed Central Station Monitoring.

Central station signal reception services offered are standard burglary signals, weekly or 24 hour test signals, opening and closing, and other specialized signal reception services, including U.L. listed dual path commercial fire systems signal monitoring.

Our 12,000 square foot facility located right here in Massachusetts, is National Fire Alarm Association compliant, and for over 30 years has been providing reliable monitoring service. Part of the redundancy systems are two 35kw diesel power generators in the event of power failure, multiple internet network service providers, and a disaster emergency station located in Dallas, Texas, in case of a local disaster.

Our operators are professionally trained by Security Industry Association certified instructors. In the event an alarm signal is received, the operator notifies both the emergency response agency and the designated pre-arranged emergency contacts.

In addition to the signal reception services, DB Systems also offers several signal delivery options.

Given the evolution and changes in the telephone industry, compatibility issues and a high rate of service provider change over has shown that using standard "Dial UP" method of signal delivery is now very unreliable, and in some cases, no longer code compliant.

Because of this we have available IP, wireless cellular, and wireless mesh network services available for signal delivery.

We also offer services for system connectivity, remote access, automation, and control of system status and\or other features from your iOS™ or Android™ device.

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E-mail us here or call 508-229-2277