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Commercial A/V

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DB Systems installs and services commercial music and video systems in retail business, restaurants, and bars, etc.

DB Systems can install distributed audio and video systems in your bar or restaurant.

We can distribute content from the regular providers or off air broadcast, to multiple TVs througout the establishment. Digital signage can be incorporated into your TVs to run your specials, presentations, etc.

You can control multiple TVs all together, or each TV separate, all from just one controller. This feature can be retrofit into many existing systems.

We install and service a variety of commercial sound systems as well as modern and nostalgic juke box systems.

Commercial copyright licensing

Note that it may be necessary with commercial audio and video systems to contact one or more licensing agencies to obtain proper licenses in order to use audio and video content in your establishment without violating copyright restrictions. Depending on the application subscription services may be available that include the license in their fees.

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