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Most consumers are not aware of Massachusetts licensing for security and alarm systems.

In Massachusetts, any company or contractor installing and servicing fire alarm systems must hold a Massachusetts electrical license.

In addition, any company or contractor installing and servicing "Security Systems" must not only hold an electrical license, but also hold a Massachusetts Office of Public Safety "S-License".

Finally, every employee of the company hold a Massachusetts Office of Public Safety "Certificate of Clearance".

See about Fire Alarm and Security System licenses on Mass.gov.

Electrical Licenses.

The electrical license is to protect the consumer regarding life safety and protection systems by mandating minimum requirements and training of codes, design, installation, etc.

Massachusetts Office of Public Safety "S-License".

The "S-License" protects the consumer by requiring any company or contractor installing and servicing security systems to perfrom regular criminal background checks, and obtain certificates of clearance through the Massachusetts Office of Public Safety for each employee working for that company or contractor.

Industry associations, and local building officials attempt to enforce the state laws.

Despite the effort, with low consumer awareness, many providers continuously do business unlawfully without the required electrical licenses, and even more so without the "S" license, and employee clearances.

Any license holder will proudly show all their licenses to a client.

Licensees are required to carry their licenses. Insurance certificates take a simple phone call or email, and can be in your hands in minutes in many cases. There is simply no reason for any run around. One can easily show they're properly licensed and insured. So if they don't, or won't, they're likely not properly licensed and or properly insured.

Specific information about your security system itself, and information about you, in the wrong hands, could be used to circumvent or undermine your system.

Sales people, installers, customer service, all know about and can access your system, cameras, etc. They learn sensitive information about you, your codes, your work schedule, etc., etc., and is why Massachusetts requires the "S" license for companies providing, installing or maintaining security systems.

Whether you consider hiring DB Systems or not, be a wise consumer.

Use only a "Specialist" with the appropriate insurance, licenses, expertise, and training. Do not hire anyone who can not promptly produce license and insurance information, or gives any indication that for some special reason, the laws of Massachusetts do not apply to them.

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