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The Electrical License

The electrical license is to protect the consumer regarding life safety and protection systems by mandating minimum requirements and training of codes, design, installation, etc.

Per Massachusetts general laws Chapter 141, "Fire alarm and Security System" contractors and companies, are required to hold level "C" (System Contractor) and "D" (System Technician) electrical licenses issued by the Massachusetts Board of Electrical Examiners. These are specialty electrical licenses for fire and security systems which were introduced back in 1989.

At that time, the existing electrical power licenses already held by electricians, and electrical contractors(more commonly known as "Master" and "Journeyman", respectively) only allowed for lights and power, not alarm systems.

However, with industry pressure, the state grandfathered pre-existing licenses to add fire alarm and security systems to the existing lights and power designation. Security systems only if they also hold a Massachusetts Office of Public Safety "S-License".

This was done to avoid the requirement of needing additional electrical licenses.

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