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The Specific Licenses

The required training for the specialty "Fire Alarm and Security Systems" licenses is very different than that which is required for "Journeyman" and "Master Electricians".

By statute, it is required by the state to complete training, including 6000 hours of fire alarm and security system apprenticeship to be eligible to apply for Fire Alarm and Security Systems licenses, which are "Massachusetts Systems Technician's" and "Massachusetts System Contractor's" licenses respectfully. After passing the exams and receiving the licenses, one must also fulfill ongoing continuing education classroom hours to maintain their licenses. Not needing any light or power training content, the entire training and classes curriculum for fire alarm and security systems is 100 % fire alarm and security system training.

The state grandfathered the "Journeyman" and "Master Electrician" licenses, allowing fire alarm and security systems to be added to the existing lights and power designation.

However, it provided no changes to "Journeyman" and "Master Electrician's" ongoing continuing education classes. Nor did it provide any requirement to have specific training for fire alarm, security systems, or the intricate codes and requirements that life safety fire alarm and security systems do require.

Prior to being grandfathered, the "Journeyman" and "Master Electrician" continuing education content for power by itself, more than filled the entire required classroom hours.

Similarly, for the specialty licenses, the fire alarm code curriculum alone more than fills its exact same amount of required classroom hours.

The specialty license does not need training on lights and power as it is outside of the license's scope of work.

On the other hand, how can the many continuing education hours required for the specialty licenses get squeezed into an already overfull light and power class of the same duration?

It can't, and it doesn't.

It stands to reason that a provider like DB Systems, which has the specialty licenses, will likely be better trained and more knowledgeable regarding these inherently electronic systems.

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