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The "S" License

Per Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 141, the Massachusetts Office of Public Safety "S-License" is required for any company or contractor (even a "Master Electrician") if installing and servicing "Security Systems".

Chapter 141 defines "Security Systems" as access control, surveillance, burglary, intrusion, and hold-up systems.

The actual definition language: "Security systems” are defined as wires, conduits, apparatus, devices, fixtures, or other appliances installed and interconnected electrically or electronically to permit access control, proprietary signaling, surveillance and the detection of burglary, intrusion, holdup, or other conditions requiring response or the transmission of signals or audible alarms".

The "S-License" protects the consumer

It requires any company or contractor installing and servicing security systems to perform regular criminal background checks, and obtain certificates of clearance through the Massachusetts Office of Public Safety for each employee working for that company or contractor.

Sales people, customer service, installers, sub contractors, all know about and can access your system, cameras, etc. They learn sensitive information about you, your codes, your work schedule, etc., etc.

Under the "S" license, companies must conduct regular CORI criminal background checks for all employees as they WILL HAVE ACCESS to your sensitive information.

Note that some low end plug and play 100 % wireless security systems may not even meet the Massachusetts definition of an actual security system

These so called systems, may fall outside the requirement for the provider to be licensed. This means that this type of system may not meet applicable state codes and industry standards, and sales people, installers, etc., may not meet the Massachusetts Office of Public Safety criminal background requirements to install and service security systems.

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