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Not Licensed?

Electrical, "S"License, and Certificate of Clearance are required in Massachusetts

You should never use an un-licensed provider. Any license holder will proudly show all their licenses to a client.

Licensees are required to carry their licenses. Ask to see the "S" license, also their "A", "B" or "C" license, each technician's "B" or "D" license. Apprentices and any other employee of the company must hold a valid, non-expired, certificate of clearance card. It is required for every single employee regardless of their duty, and they are each issued a card, so ask to see it.

These are the rules in Massachusetts. See about "S" license on Mass.gov.

Unfortunately the rules are poorly enforced, and many companies, contractors, electricians, locksmiths, data/IT, etc., know this

Industry associations, and local building officials attempt to enforce the state laws. Despite the effort, with low consumer awareness, many will claim the licensing does not apply to them, and continuously do business unlawfully without the required electrical licenses, and even more so without the "S" license, and employee clearances.

Arrogantly operating in this way also questions what other short cuts might be taken, affecting your system, safety, property, your insurance coverage, their liability insurance, etc.

Contact your own insurance company and ask if you should use a non licensed company to install, maintain, or certify your security and/or fire alarm system, and would a related claim be covered.

Sales people, installers, customer service, all know about and can access your system, cameras, etc.

They learn sensitive information about you, your codes, your work schedule, etc., etc., and is why Massachusetts requires the "S" license which mandates regular CORI criminal background checks for all employees as they WILL HAVE ACCESS to your sensitive information.

Note that some low end plug and play 100 % wireless security systems may not even meet the Massachusetts definition of an actual security system

These so called systems, may fall outside the requirement for the provider to be licensed. This means that this type of system may not meet applicable state codes and industry standards, and sales people, installers, etc., may not meet the Massachusetts Office of Public Safety criminal background requirements to install and service security systems.

You get what you pay for.

The lowest price also means the lowest of everything else including service, reliability, and security regarding who goes into your home or business, who learns your system's information, and your personal information.

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